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Where Did The Ebola Virus Originated

Virus Ebola Wikipedia
Virus Ebola Wikipedia

Viruses And Their Symptoms Small
Virus Diseases
Virus Diseases

Viruses And Diseases Small
What Causes The Ebola Virus
What Causes The Ebola Virus

When Was The Ebola Virus Discovered Small

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What Is A Fever Virus
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johnbirddbear says:    


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johnbirddbear says:    



reshma says:    


god is the one and only favour for us

caroline says:    


We need the intervention of God in our country Nigeria only Jaah will save us

Laiton Chiteke says:    


very bad

Markus Srepely says:    


Everyday i am praying name of Jesus immidiately give the idea for scientists to developed medicine and cure all the sick persons of entired world AMEN

hicham says:    


يعلم المسلمون أن لكل داء دواء ، وهذا ما قاله الله سبحانه وتعالى ،فلماد لم نجد لحد الان حواء هذا الداء.

Kesavachandran says:    


My heart goes to the parts of Africa where this fell disease is taking a heavy toll The dedication of Doctors and Para Medics who manage patients putting themselves to great risks reminds me of late Father Damien.Modern medicine is yet to discover a cure and only supportive measures are for lucky patients in the hope they would recover while the others would meet their end.To be pragmatic in this situation, along with present management including drugs Homeopathic medicines answering symptoms of EBOLA be tried for humanity's sake overcoming prejudices.Homeo Drugs Crotalus Horridus,Echinacea Angustifolia,Phosphorus,Lachesis and a few more.These have to be from reliable sources Like Wilmar Schawbe ,Boericke&Taffel,Maddaus.Some Indian sources too bring out reliable products.

pedro montenegro chen says:    


me gustaria saber si me pueden mandar fotos sobre los efectos relacionados al virus del ebola ya que yo soy instructor capacitador y doy charlas y me gustaria poder crear conciencia aca en ciudad de panama soy instructor del sistema nacional de proteccion civil de panama mil gracias

Anderson Msosa says:    


awareness alone is not enough to stop Ebola Let us have the vaccine

Aminu Idris says:    


We are praying Almighty God to prevent us ameeen.


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